Best Cocoa Butter Lotion For Black Skin Reviews In 2020

Cocoa butter is a single beneficial ingredient when we discuss the skincare. On the other hand, it is the outstanding moisturizer since it could penetrate the thicker for your skin or is effective for avoiding some straight lines. Moreover, if you want to keep your body and skin healthy, the great lotions can be great choices for you at this moment. 

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Besides, the African American complexion is quite allergic to some unexpected storms and brings you some dryness throughout the year. However, we highly recommend that you should stay calm. Next, you should not ignore your skin in the winter and scramble to the perfect one in the summer. On top of it, when the lotion can’t meet your requirement, we will show you some best cocoa butter lotion for black skin that you need to grab one day.  



1. The impact of cocoa butter on the black skin

The African Americans and other people who own black skin can involve in the complicated issue rather than those who possess bright or white skin. At this time, there is no report related to this field of useful impacts of butter lotion for black persons. However, we can believe that some ingredients of this cocoa butter lotion can bring you some benefits. 

Skin influences

The cocoa butter lotion is becoming common in the African American community for its skin influences. The black skin persons can utilize this creamy one for obtaining more advantages for their complexion issues such as

  • Saturating skin to avoid dryness
  • Softening the deep or rough skin
  • Heal and protect hyperpigmentation
  • Get over the scars.

As usual, the black women in some countries can possess a style of utilizing cocoa butter for avoiding the stretch marks throughout their pregnancy. At this time, some women who are using this cocoa butter is become rising a lot. 

Black skin challenges

The cocoa butter can ease some sensitive skin issues, which will be tougher to the black women and others with black skin as well. Even though it is not a wonderful antidote for your skin, this version owns the fabulous saturation and treatment advantages. In reality, it is solid under standard temperature; it melts so fast on the contact point of skin. Therefore, it is convenient to absorb and spread these circumstances. 

Dry skin

The dry skin is not special for some black women in America. However, it could affect a little bit to some dark ones, compared to the white skin. On the other hand, the dryness can be appeared like greyish due to the accumulation of terrible skin cells. Therefore, it will make your skin flaky, as well. 

On top of it, Cocoa butter is enriched in moisturizing at all. The hydration attributes could enhance the dry skin status for people who own the black skin. Besides, the fatty emollients can lock in saturation to maintain your skin to be brighter and even hydrated as well. 

Rough Knees

The thick and black skin from some factors, particularly for knees, hands, and so forth is popular with some black persons. Moreover, the routine use of cocoa butter can assist in smoothing and softening some spots. 

The frequent usage can improve the fade of black skin on some spots or offering elbows more skin tones. 

The skin scars

The black women in America can face some issues related to scarring such as cuts, wounds, pimple and scrapes as well. The typical recovering procedure of skin can lead to some thicker scars and other symptoms like keloids which are very difficult to cure. Next, the cocoa butter’s healing attributes can decrease the appearance of some scars or various skin pimples, compared to the best cocoa butter for scars.  

2. Some useful substances and attributes of cocoa butter

According to some medical magazines, there are a lot of bioactive substances of cocoa butter which could assist in keeping and treat your skin issues such as

– The beneficial fatty acids are palmitic, and a tiny quantity of linoleic acids as well. In other words, all of them are extracted from vital acids or can lock in saturation and smoother the heal dryness. 

– Vital minerals comprising some zinc, iron and copper, which can be useful for your skin metabolism are enriched in cocoa butter. Also, there is some tiny quantity of other vitamins such as vitamin A and E. 

– Polyphenols: The cocoa butter consists of a considerable quantity of polyphenols and other substances. Here are compounds such as :

 + Boost up the skin hydration and collagen as well

 + It can support the anti-inflammatory problems

 + It is useful for elasticity and tone based on some recent experiments.


1. Caribbean Cacao Ultimate Cocoa Butter

The first product that we would like to refer to you is the Caribbean. This one is the perfect one with some various features, compared to other products. Moreover, this organic version can be utilized for decreasing the appearance of straight marks and other symptoms like discolouration. Besides, it is seen as the magical one that users should grab for their body and lets a nice chocolate smell.

Apart from it, it can cut for some tiny pieces, and rub the palms until it gets warm as well. This product can use for healing the irritation skin and soothe infections or other rashes. It could also defeat the ageing symptoms from applying to unexpected wrinkles.

2. Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Scar Serum

Another version that we want to bring to you is Palmer. This one could mix some fabulous components for decreasing the appearance of your scars due to some injury, wound, pimple and other cases. Next, it is seen as outstanding moisturizer therapy to eliminate the appearance of scars or other rashes. On top of it, some vitamins like E and A can be a strong antioxidant which assists decreasing some wounds.

The oil can penetrate emollients which make some scars invisible and soften your skin as well. Last but not least, this product is an excellent alternative for you to smoother the skin effectively.

3. Tattoo Goo – Tattoo Aftercare Lotion

Here is the next product that you need to care about is Tattoo Goo. It is seen as the perfect lotion among the tattoo’s product. On the other hand, it is suitable for both users and tattoo artists as well. The components can make this version purer, compared to other choices. For example, it included in cocoa butter, olive oil and beeswax as well.

When it comes to this product’s usage, this one is applied and sink into the water tub or coat the skin so well. Besides, it can take you a lot of time because it is a real balm, compared to other versions on the market at this moment.

4. Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula with Vitamin E Skin Therapy Oil

This version is the great one for you to cure and avoid some stretch marks, and hydration as well. This one consists of no artificial chemical substances and comprises some favourite butter for assisting in moisturizing your skin at all.

Moreover, it contains some minerals and other vitamins such as vitamin A, and vitamin E, which is highly recommended to support for healing the skin discolouration as well. Lastly, this product has no retinol, which is harmful to pregnant women.

5. Stretch Marks & Scars Defense Cream by Body Merry

The last version in our list is the Stretch cream merry. On the other hand, this combination of this one could penetrate the surface and reduce the appearance of keloids, unexpected scars and other stretch marks as well. Moreover, this product is highly suggested for all types of skin at all.

Besides, it is gentle for some skin and suitable for those who want to block the stretch marks that can lead to weight gain and pregnancy as well. Finally, this butter lotion is the fabulous moisturizer that can heal skin sickness like dry skin.  


Cocoa butter lotion is an outstanding moisturizer for the black skin or those who utilize for maintaining their healthy skin. Some of the products above are derived from cocoa beans along with savoury substances. Last but not least, picking the best cocoa butter lotion for black skin is the most effective way to handle your skin problems in the future.