Dried Skin on Nose: Causes, Treatment, Prevention & When

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Seasonal allergies, wintry temperatures, or skin disorders are likely culprits behind dry skin, particularly around the nose. Trying to cover up the flakiness around your nose with foundation or concealer could be a frustrating endeavor, not to mention the uncomfortable feeling that goes with it.

Here, we will cover the possible causes behind the dry patches around your nose and how you can deal with them effectively. Read on to find out what your dry nostrils need.

Dried Skin on Nose: Causes, Treatment, Prevention & When to Get Help

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Most of us have dealt with dry skin at least once, including around our noses. While it can be annoying and difficult to deal with, the causes of dry skin on your nose are pretty simple:

Instead of using lotion, try using ointments or creams since they’re often better for treating dry skin. You can also try switching to a moisturizer specifically for dry skin, and look for ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, glycerin, or urea.

If you want to prevent dry skin around your nose, there are plenty of ways to help keep your skin healthy.

Last medically reviewed on January 28, 2019


What causes dry and flaky skin around the nose?

Dry skin is also known as “xerosis,” its clinical term. At its best, dry skin can be annoying. At its worst, it can be painful and hard to treat. And when no amount of moisturizing or specialized creams helps, it can be extremely frustrating to deal with dry skin.

Dry skin around the nose is common and can happen to people with any skin type. It is more common in the winter, but it can happen any time of the year. Here are common causes of dry skin around the nose.

1. Dehydration

Your skin needs hydration from the inside. If you aren’t drinking enough water and are extremely dehydrated, it may be contributing to dry skin around your nose. A 2018 literature review of several skin studies also suggests you may see an improvement in dry skin by increasing water intake. Need help drinking more water? Take the Teami 5-Day Water Challenge!

how to get rid of dry skin around nose

2. Hot water

There’s no doubt about it – on a cold day, a hot shower is soothing. Unfortunately, hot water can cause dry skin, and that includes around your nose.

how to get rid of dry skin around nose

3. Washing your face too much

If you’re struggling with skin issues, it can be tempting to wash your face multiple times per day. However, more face washing isn’t better. This can dry out your skin. Wash your face two to three times daily – in the morning, in the evening, and after working out with a gentle cleanser.

how to get rid of dry skin around nose

Skin gets thinner with age and naturally loses moisture.

how to get rid of dry skin around nose

5. Weather

Exposure to the elements can cause dry skin around your nose. Dry air, harsh winds, and cold air are a recipe for dryness! Wear a face covering to protect your skin from these elements. Sun damage can also cause dry skin around the nose.

how to get rid of dry skin around nose

6. Using harsh skincare products

Are your skincare products creating dry skin around your nose? They might be. Skincare products with high alcohol content can strip skin of moisture. Seek out nourishing skincare products with natural ingredients like aloe, niacinamide, and hyaluronic acid instead.

how to get rid of dry skin around nose

7. Skin type

Your skin type may be a reason you’re experiencing dry skin around the nose. If you have dry skin naturally, the skin around your nose is likely also dry. However, people with oily skin can still have dry skin around their nose.

how to get rid of dry skin around nose

How to stop dry and flaky skin around your nose

Before you get to the most effective way to stop dry skin around the nose, you’ll need to wash your face. Use a cleanser that contains hydrating ingredients that will not strip skin or aggravate dryness. Teami Gentle Superfood Cleanser removes impurities with organic Aloe barbadensis leaf juice. It does not leave a residue behind, and it is suitable for all skin types, even sensitive skin.

Now it’s time to stop that pesky and uncomfortable dryness. The best way to stop dry and flaky skin on and around the nose has to do with the timing of moisturizing. Apply your moisturizer when your skin is damp, immediately after washing your face. Your moisturizer will trap extra moisture into your skin. This helps reduce dryness.

You may need a skincare product even more hydrating than your regular moisturizer to lock in moisture around your nose. The Teami Overnight Mask delivers deep hydration all night long with hyaluronic acid and niacinamide and is designed for restoring dry skin! For even deeper skin rejuvenation, Teami Repair Oil renews dry skin with jojoba oil, Vitamin E oil, and sea buckthorn oil.

What about exfoliation? While it’s true that exfoliating skin can remove dead skin cells and reveal a fresh and healthy layer of skin, it is essential to not exfoliate too much. Use a natural exfoliator that is right for your skin type.

Remember: None of these steps should be overdone! A simple skincare routine with balancing ingredients should be enough to get rid of dry skin around your nose. A thin layer of the right product is enough.

Besides using the right skincare, there are also lifestyle changes you can make to nourish dry and flaky skin around the nose. One easy fix is to invest in a humidifier. Humidifiers add moisture into the air and help protect skin from becoming dry. Plus, while you’re sleeping a humidifier will hydrate your skin all night long.

Eating healthy fats will also hydrate dry skin around the nose. Eat foods rich in healthy fats, such as salmon, avocado, and nuts and seeds. It’s also important to consume foods high in antioxidants.

9-Causes Of Dry Skin Around The Nose

The medical name for dry skin on the face is known as xerosis. There are several reasons why you could have dry skin in the area around your nose. We have listed a few causes below.

Common Causes of Dry Skin Around the Nose

Due to a lower concentration of sebaceous glands around your nose, less sebum is produced which prevents the skin from staying supple. As such, the skin around your nostrils is naturally susceptible to dryness.

Coupled with a mix of intrinsic and extrinsic factors, the interplay between the environment, routine habits, and biology creates the ideal recipe for dry skin around the nose. Well take a closer look at these factors, which could be either acute (temporary) or chronic (long-lasting) in nature.

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