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How to Moisturize Burned Skin After a Sunburn

Its happened to the best of us. Maybe you forgot to reapply your sunscreen or missed a spot on your back. Or, maybe your quick poolside nap turned into a longer snooze than you planned. Whatever the reason, even the most devoted sunscreen wearer can slip up and get a painful sunburn.

No one likes to sport red, peeling skin, but weve got you covered. Read on to find out how to moisturize burned skin.

What Happens When You Get a Sunburn

When you spend time in the sun, you expose yourself to ultraviolet light. After a while, these invisible rays of sunlight can begin to damage and even kill the cells in the outer layer of your skin.

When you get a sunburn, your body tries to limit the damage by activating an immune response. As your body sends more blood and immune cells to the affected area, you may experience the stinging, redness, and inflammation that we associate with sunburns.

Sunburns can also drain moisture from your skin. The outer layer of your skin should ideally be 20 percent to 30 percent water, according to Harvard Medical School. Dipping much below this level can leave your skin feeling flaky, dry, and irritated.

Though it can take several hours or even a day to know the severity of your sunburn, its important to begin to care for and moisturize your sun-torched skin as soon as you can. This is a key step in helping your skin heal—and helping you to feel better faster.

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